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Luthier's Diary - Open seam problem

If you happen to have an old violin of over 30 years, chances are that the glue holding all the parts together might get too dry and let go. You may end up with open seams and buzzing sound. See how we cure it at Arco Strings:

The cure is to apply new glue at the open seam and clamp it right.


This violin is too old and it opens up at the back plate.


To ensure that the re-glue job is thorough, the back plate is removed all together from the violin. A new glue is then applied to the seam. Only glue made from natural ingredient is used in this case.


Special clamp is used to hold the back plate against the bouts for 8 hours or more.


The same problem also happens to new violin if you leave it in your car cabin under hot sun for prolonged hours. So be careful where you left your violin. If it happens to your instrument, call Mr. Tay at Arco Strings Music for help.