Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I care for my violin/viola/cello?
    Do not expose your instrument to extreme heat (e.g. inside car cabin under hot sun for prolonged hours), cold and humidity. Wipe the rosin dust off the strings and body after every playing.
    If you intend to store your instrument for more than 3 months, reduce the tension of the strings (but not to remove the strings altogether)

  2. What should I do if the soundpost inside my violin/viola/cello fell?
    Release the strings immediately to prevent damage to the top plate of your instrument and bring it to a professional luthier to reposition the soundpost.

  3. Why are my fingertips feeling painful after playing on my violin/viola/cello?
    It could be that your instrument is not set up properly. Either the bridge or the nut is too high causing the strings to be too high above the fingerboard. You need to get the bridge or nut re-shaped by a professional luthier.
    Another possible cause is that the neck of your instrument could be crooked due to humidity. A professional luthier will also be able to solve the problem for you.