About Us

Since the establishment of Arco Strings Music in 2005, we aspire to be the top provider of orchestral stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello & double bass) with professional repair and maintenance services.

We are always interested in nurturing young instrumentalists by providing them with affordable and yet high quality instruments for their learning. We believe good instrument is vital in the learning process be it in the areas of proper posture, fingering or tone control.

On the other hand, we also understand the needs of advanced or professional musicians. Here we provide higher-end instruemnts and accessories to help them achieve the standard they desire.

With Vettori Family, Florence Italy

We travel frequently to many parts of Europe especially Itally and Germany to meet the instrument makers and to learn from them their skills and traditions. We also talk to various factories of musical instruments in order to communicate to them the requirements of our valued customers. It is through these communicates that we found the secret to becoming the link between the makers and the users.

Throughout the many blessed years of our history, we have become the ultimate choice of many students, professional string players, orchestra and academic institutes who entrust us to provide and serivce their instruments.

We are proud of being truthful of our products and services and will continue to do so and still seek opportunities of improvement.

With Mr. Scott Cao, USA


What our logo means

Label of Antonio Stradivari: A cross with A.S. which is short for Antonio Stradivari


Label of Guarneri Del Gesu: A Roman cross with Jesus's name in Greek.


Arco Strings Logo: A Roman cross with small letter "as" which is short for Arco Strings. Small letter is used to depict "humbleness under the cross" which marks our devotion to serve humbly under the name of our Lord.