Arius / YDP

Arius YDP-135R Digital Piano
  • Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard conveys your subtle fingers's nuance with comfortable touch
  • AWM Stereo Sampling creates a high-quality, spacious, stereo grand piano sound
  • The Arius Series concept "Simple & Basic" is also expressed in its design


  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard with matte black keytops
  • Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling
  • Variable Touch Sensitivity
  • Authentic and stable feeling 3 pedals
  • 1-track Sequencer
  • 50 preset piano songs
  • Simple elegant designs
   Arius YDP-141 Digital Piano
  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard with matte black keytops
  • 3-level Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling
  • New acoustic system offers clearer sound with more presence.
  • 2 Track Recording
  • Low power consumption 15W keeping the power of amp
  • A compact size and a light, 37kg body

Perfect for beginning students and experienced players alike, the ARIUS YDP-141 provides true piano sound and feel. The GHS keyboard with matte black keytops and 3-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling voices deliver remarkably authentic sound and natural expressiveness, making it a true joy to play, both in practice and in performance. Moreover, the damper pedal includes a half-damper effect, giving you nuanced expressive control over the sustained sound. Dual voice capability lets you play two different instrument sounds at the same time, while a 2-track song recorder allows you to capture your original musical ideas and performances.