Arco Strings Music is the only shop in East Malaysia that provides professional repair and maintenance services for orgchestral stringed instrument.

Our in-house luthier has many years of experience in setting up new instruments. Thus, you can be sure that all instruments sold from our shop is properly set-up up to international standard. This include the proper bridge heights, nut height, strings spacing and soundpost positioning. Should our customer found any of the above settings not up to satisfaction, we provide free services according to our customers' request.

Another area of services that we think is important to our customers is regular examination of instrument to minimize and possible damages due to wear and tear. Our customer may bring their instrument to our shop for a check-up to spot any possible faults such as worn-out strings, crooked bridge etc.

 Among the various type of repair works we provides the following services:

  • Bow re-hair
  • Bow tip, leather grip and winding replacement
  • Replace bridge, soundpost, nut, fingerboard, pegs, end button etc.
  • Re-glue cracks
  • Tone adjustment
  • Replace chinrest

We provide free assessment and recommendation for your instrument. You just need to bring it to our shop.