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Camillo C33-M12 Upright Piano

This is a high-end upright piano full of power. The majestic shape and exquisite details merge into one. The reasonable proportion design ensures that you can play comfortably, naturally and professionally. The huge soundboard can make a louder sound, the proportion design is reasonable and symmetrical, the expression is rich and delicate, suitable for different types of music forms.

Appearance: Black matte

Place of Origin: Germany / UK / China

Dimensions: 1330 × 1520 × 620mm

Weight: 255Kg

Keyboard: Pure solid wood keyboard

Hammer: ABEL imported from Germany, FFW pure wool hand-polished limited edition custom

Soundboard: Thick soundboard imported from Germany, whose thickness is pure solid wood

Clothing plate: German imported beech

Piano strings: ROSLAU imported from Germany, with extremely strong anti-corrosion steel strings

Slow down: Original high-quality slow down

Pedal: Original pure copper pedal

Accessories: Luxury lift chair, luxury gift set (Note: Product details are subject to actual products)

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