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Camillo GP-160 Grand Piano

The Camillo grand piano is an excellent instrument with legendary sound quality. The truly outstanding quality makes it a good product for long-term investment. Their sound and technical excellence in music schools, concert halls and recording studios is well-known worldwide. Musicians all over the world praise its infinitely rich colors, perfect sound balance and strong and transparent sound.

Appearance: Black glossy

Place of Origin: Germany / UK / China

Dimensions: 1600 × 1540 × 1010mm

Weight: 338Kg

Keyboard: Pure solid wood keyboard

Hammer: ABEL imported from Germany, FFW pure wool hand-polished limited edition custom

Soundboard: Thick soundboard imported from Germany, whose thickness is pure solid wood

Clothing plate: Beech imported from Germany

Piano strings: ROSLAU imported from Germany, with extremely strong anti-corrosion steel strings

Slow down: Original high-quality slow down

Pedal: Original pure copper pedal

Accessories: Luxury lift chair, luxury gift set (Note: Product details are subject to actual products)

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