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Yamaha YDP-144 Digital Piano

The Yamaha Arius YDP-144 brings together true piano sound and feel, for an outstanding playing experience. Yamaha incorporated their high-tech sampling system into the YDP-144, so you get the rich sound of Yamaha's flagship 9-foot CFX concert grand. Damper Resonance digitally re-creates the depth of tone of a real acoustic piano while pedaling, while high-quality reverbs replicate the sound of playing in a variety of rich environments. The YDP-144's classic looks will fit perfectly into your home, church, or school — and students and teachers will appreciate the onboard song recorder. Music Bliss advice: If you're looking for an excellent, affordable digital piano, you can't go wrong with the Yamaha Arius YDP-144.

• CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice re-creates the power and tone of flagship CFX concert grand piano

• GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, just like an acoustic piano. The special matte black key tops are designed to absorb moisture and remain tactile after extended use without becoming slippery.

• Half-damper pedal control allows for continuously increasing amounts of sustain as the pedal is depressed.

• The Smart Pianist app not only gives you full control over your piano's major functions, but also analyzes your favorite songs right out of your music library using chord tracker technology.

• Damper Resonance DSP re-creates the sound of the inside of a grand piano when the dampers are off the strings.

• 50 classic piano songs are provided in the built-in song memory as well as in a music book, "50 Greats for the Piano." These can be used to supplement practice, or simply for the player’s listening pleasure.

• The 2-track song recorder allows players to practice one hand at a time, or record their next hit single!

• Dual Mode lets you combine two Voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience.

• Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) automatically adjusts the EQ of the built-in stereo speaker system to the player's setting, ensuring the richest tone at any volume level.

• Acoustic Optimizer physically adjusts the acoustic flow by using a special design and position within the instrument to control.

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